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What is Sinusitis

What is Sinusitis

What is sinusitis(resdung)?

Sinusitis is a type of chronic disease that causes by swollen or inflamed lining tissue in the sinus. Sinus is the space inside our nose and head which provides a space for draining of mucus. Swelling of the inner membrane results in difficult breathing through the nose as sinus become blocked and filled with fluids. On the other hand, another similar chronic respiratory disease called allergic rhinitis only happens when you breathe in allergens. Both rhinitis and sinusitis are related to each other, because

allergic rhinitis causes your nose to become blocked, and in turn blocks the sinuses(WHO ,2019).

Causes of sinusitis

Sinusitis commonly triggered by cold,pollutants and seasonal allergies.

lSinus infections - respiratory tract infected by bacteria(10% of sinusitis patients) or fungal leads to growth of germs in nasal cavity

lAllergens such as “hay fever”

lAir pollutants-irritants, chemical,dust in the air(Felman,2017) 

lMedical conditions - HIV and immune system-related diseases

Types of sinusitis

There are 3 stages of sinusitis.Patient need to get treatment from specialist doctor for severe case.




Runny nose- mucus white

Runny nose- mucus yellow

Runny nose- mucus Yellow to Green




No headache


Severe Headache

No cough



Nose block- sometimes

Nose block- often

Nose block- always

Facial Pain- sometimes

Facial Pain- often

Facial pain always

Hearing- normal

Hearing -normal

Hearing- reduce


üMedical treatments

-antibiotics(only for severe stage)

- saline nasal sprays

- nasal corticosteroids (eg. fluticasone)

- immunotherapy-helps to reduce body response towards specific allergens 

üAlways stay hydrated! (pastikan anda minum 2L air sehari)

üSteam-breathe in steam from a bowl of hot water(Dehler,2018).(jangan pakai air yg terlalu panas)

üHealth supplements - rich in Vitamin C/ probiotics / N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

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Need treatment from specialist doctor

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