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Joymix Insourin- (30 sachets x 10g)

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Many of us love sweet food...but worry or currently suffered from diabetes.

Sadly, diabetes is a major health concern in Malaysia. According to National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, almost one in five Malaysian adults has diabetes. This survey also revealed that 1.8 million out of 3.5 million Malaysians diagnosed with diabetes were not even aware they were afflicted with the chronic disease. 

However, we have found an effective way to help diabetes patient. Here's the good news for those who is diabetes patient! We have a remedy for you which is INSOURIN.

The main ingredients of Insourin are:

1. Citron Juice Powder / YUJA/ 유자

2. Patented Momordica Charantia Polypeptide ( bitter melon) 고야

3. Erythritol- Zero Calorie Sugar

4. Green Coffee Extract ( no caffeine) - Help to block carbohydrate. Will not cause insomnia. 

Let's take a look on the comparison of normal bitter melon and PATENTED MOMORDICA CHARANTIA POLYPEPTIDE.

Bitter melon Extract

Patented Momordica Charantia Polypeptide

Active compound


Patent sequence polypeptide


Inhibit sucrase and pancreatic lipase, hence inhibits the rise in post meal blood glucose. Indirect and inefficient benefits

The only natural substance known besides insulin to be able to bind to the insulin receptor and open up the channel to allow glucose to enter to the cell, hence helping the glucose utilization.

J. Agric Food Chem 2013


1. No Specific target. No obvious effect

2. No patents. 

3 High dose

4. Astringent, sometime bitter

1. Protein sequenced. The strongest sugar modulating factor.

2. Recognized by multiple top international journals

3. small dose can stabilize blood glucose even type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Effective dose

Over 500- 5000mg daily

300mg daily

Mechanism Of Patent Momordica Charantia Polypeptide

Activate Insulin Receptor

insourin 1.jpg

Patented Momordica Charantia Polypeptide effectively activate inactive insulin receptor and this allow more glucose channel to bind into the membrane. Hence,more blood glucose can be utilized.

J. Agroc. Food Chem 2014.  62.8952-8961

Benefit of Insourin.

1. Help Lower Blood Glucose  After Meal


2. Help  Glycated Hemoglobin ( HbA1c)


J. Agroc. Food Chem 2013 61, 2461-2468

3. Help Body Fat

fatty liver.jpg

Patented Momordica Charantia has excellent effects on body-fat reduction and can prevent muscle atrophy that is common in diabetes. 

But do take note that Insourin is only suitable for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. Normal person are not advisable to use Insourin as slimming supplement. 

4.Help in Lower Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride


Besides preventing the formation of body fat, it can also prevent the increase of body lipids. Normal Bitter melon extract is not effective compared to Insourin. 

5. Prevention of Fatty Liver and Liver Disease

fatty liver vs.jpg

Fatty liver disease is also common among Malaysian especially on diabetic patient. Patented Momordica Charantia can prevent fatty liver and oxidative stress related liver diseases.

How to Consume

Pour 1 sachets Insourin into 1 small cup of normal room temperature water. 

Small cup yuzu.jpg

Stir well and drink together with meal or after meal. 

How to determine Diabetic and Pre-diabetic and Insourin Dosage

HbA1c test

Fasting Blood Sugar Test

Insourin Dosage


<5.7 %

<100 (mg/dL)

<5.6 (mmol/L



5.7-6.4 %

100-125 (mg/dL)

5.6-7.0 (mmol/L

1sachets/ day


>6.5 %

>126 (mg/dL)

7.0 mmol/L

2 sachets/ day

Diabetic Wound Healing

If  you have diabetic wound you may consume JOYMIX YOGHURT YUJA. It help to increase immunity via intestine, lymphatic and blood. Will activate immune cell which has dormant that cause by high blood sugar to kill the bad bacteria or virus at your wound. For further info please click the picture.

 phagocytosis banner (002) resize.jpg

How to prevent and reduce blood glucose level ? 

Eat Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise 

Diabetic patients are advisable to eat more high fibre food such as vegetables and eat less oily and high calorie food e.g soft drink, rice, fried chicken.


Regular exercise can help to burn down the excess sugar in body. Target 30-60 min moderate physical activity such as walking, slow jogging etc. With the help of Insourin, you can reduce your blood sugar level more effectively! 

Continue Medicine?

You can drink Insourin while you take insulin  or any diabetes medicine. But if your blood sugar with medicine or insulin on that day has drop to <5.6 mmol/L you doesn't require to drink Insourin. 

If your blood sugar are high, we recommend you to drink Insourin during or after meal . Your blood sugar will goes down within 2 hours.  After you consume 1 months you may go for HbA1c test 

and consult with doctor to reduce your medicine dosage. Non prediabetic or diabetic peoples are not advise to consume regularly.


insourin before and after.jpg

By Azlinda Alin


By Hasrul Hassan


By Nurul Yunitikas

insourin testimony


cik bunga testimony 2.jpg


mockup measurement.jpg


smaller size, better efficacy

Insourin 3D_Group.png


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