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Experience the rich and authentic taste of Iranian saffron with our JOYMIX Saffron Flower Super Negin Grade. Imported directly from Iran, this saffron is of the highest quality and offers a deep, intense flavor that will elevate your dishes to new heights.

Joymix Saffron Super Negin Gred diimport terus dari Iran. Ia berkualiti tinggi dan memberi rasa dan bau yang wangi. 

Joymix Negin saffron

The Super Negin grade of our saffron is easily recognizable by its longer, bigger, and very reddish strands. This premium grade ensures that you are getting the best saffron available, with a vibrant color and robust flavor that will make a noticeable difference compare to saffron Grade AAA.

Saffron Super Negin senang dicam dengan bentuk saffron yang lebih panjang, besar dan merah. Produk premium ini akan memberi warna kuning terang dan bau yang wangi. Gred AAA lebih halus dan kecil. Bau kurang wangi

saffron colour test

Rest assured that Joymix saffron is 100% pure and natural, with absolutely no artificial colors added. Each 1g pack is carefully sourced and packaged with silica gel to preserve the freshness and potency of the saffron, so you can enjoy the true essence of saffron

Pasti Joymix Saffron 100% Asli, tiada pewarna sintetik. Setiap 1g Saffron dibungkus dengan silica gel untuk memastikan kesegaran saffron dihantar kepada pembeli.

saffron colour test 2

We also run colour test by adding a few thread saffon into ice water for 3 minutes. As a result, saffron Gred AAA release yellow colour in ice water at the fast pace. Only artificial colour can release colour very fast in ice water. However Joymix Saffron Super Negin NO yellow colour in first 3 minutes in ice water. This show that no artificial colour used . The saffron extract will not come out in ice water.

Kami juga melakukan ujian pewarna dengan meletakkan beberapa helai saffron ke dalam air ais selama 3 min. Gred AAA cepat keluar warna kuning dalam air ais. Ini menunjukkan ada pewarna tiruan digunakan.

Tetapi JoymixSafforn Gred Negin tidak mengeluarkan warna kuning dalam air ais pada 3 min. Ini menunjukkan tiada pewarna tiruan digunakkan. Hanya perwarna tiruan cepat mengeluarkan warna pada suhu rendah. Ekstrak saffon tidak keluar dalam air ais

saffron colour test 3

How To Drink

Add the no of thread of saffron (follow the volume of water)  into warm to hot water. Masukkan beberapa helai saffron ( mengikut sukatan air) kedalam air suam atau panas.

1 thread (helai)  into <150ml water/air

2 thread (helai) into   150-399 ml water/ air

3 thread ( helai) into    400-600 ml water/ air

Joymix saffron memang berbaloi. 1 helai saffron pun dah cukup. Gred AAA perlu guna lebih banyak. Joymix Saffron is worth the money compare to Grade AAA as Joymix Saffron only need 1 thread whereas Grade AAA need many thread.

Benefits / Kelebihan

  1. Potent to men health. Meningkatkan kekuatan kelelakian
  2. Help lady smooth periodic. Mengurangkan sakit puan
  3. Help reduce stress. Kurangkan tekanan
  4. Help to reduce BP. kurangkan tekanan darah
  5. Help Diabetes. Bantu Orang kencing manis

Net weight: 1 g


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