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JOYMIX Beetroot Juice Concentrated Powder 250g

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Red beetroot is one of the best superfoods highly recommended by dieticians and fitness experts alike. It has a wide range of health benefits and suits people of all ages. Making red beetroot a part of our everyday nutrition can be a challenging task especially for adults and parents who are always on their toes due to hectic modern life.

Not anymore!

Presenting Red Beetroot Concentrated Powder from Joymix. It is a powdered form of beetroot JUICE ,not the whole root that comes with all the goodness and nutrition of the naturally occurring vegetable without residue.

Joymix Red Beetroot Concentrated Powder – Easy to prepare, Nice to drink!

Joymix red beetroot powder makes it easy to get the health benefits of beetroot. No need to go through the hassles of peeling and cutting in the morning or after work. Just add a serving of the powder to your favourite smoothie or take it with a glass of refreshing water and a dash of lime. Carry it along with you if you want to have it on the go. Put a serving of the powder in your shaker and add a beverage later. The texture is smooth. You can include it in your children’s lunchboxes for a healthy choice. The powder can also be used to prepare cakes, pastries, and other bakery items.

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Why Joymix Red Beetroot Concentrated Powder?

Excellent Mixability The red beetroot powder has a fine texture and excellent flowability to prevent caking and lump formation. It will easily dissolve in water and other liquids alike and won’t curdle. You can even mix it in flours for baking cakes and pastries.


NO Earthy Odor  Joymix’s red beet powder is smell-less, unlike red beet juice that has an earthy smell. The beetroot juice was filter in nano activated carbon to remove the earthy odor. It is easy to drink, making it ideal for children who find the smell of beetroot distasteful. The powder won’t create any odour when being carried in a bag or a backpack.



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8X Betaine – Joymix’s red beetroot powder contains eight times more betaine as compared to an equivalent amount of regular beetroot juice. Betaine is a powerful nutrient that promotes cardiovascular health by lowering the levels of homocysteine in the body. It also improves liver functioning and aids in digestion. The concentrated form of the powder allows it to pack more nutrients as compared to regular juice. 


5X Nitrate The amount of nitrate in Joymix red beetroot powder is five times more than fresh red beetroot. Nitrate is a compound that reduces oxidative stress in the body. The body converts nitrate to nitrite which is further used to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a powerful antioxidant that reacts with free radicals in the body and minimises damage from them to cells and tissues. 

1 Calorie Per Serving – Joymix red beetroot powder is a healthy drink containing just 18 calories per 100g. The recommended serving size of 6 to 10g means that each serving only has around one calorie. It is a great option for people who are on a fat loss diet, bodybuilders who are in cutting phase and health conscious people who like to monitor their calorie intake.


Red Beetroot Juice Powder – Suitable for All Ages (Benefits)

Joymix red beetroot juice concentrated powder packs various benefits making it a healthy option for all individuals.

Ideal For Keto and Vegetarian Diets – People who are following a keto or a vegetarian diet will find it easy to incorporate red beetroot powder to their diets as it has low calories.

Boosts Sports Performance – Beetroots have betaine which improves cardiovascular health and blood flow. It increases the rate at which oxygen reaches cells and boosts the performance of athletes and sports persons.


Sharpens Minds of Students – The high nutrient content of beetroot and its effect on blood flow enhances the cognitive functioning of the brain making it beneficial for students and teenagers.


Great For Older Adults – Various studies have found beetroot to prevent and halt the progress of dementia in older adults. Regularly consuming beetroot juice can assist in keeping dementia at bay. Besides, also help to lower Blood Pressure.

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Conditions Liver – Beetroot contains betaine that conditions liver and stimulates the production of enzymes. It detoxifies the body and makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. 

Rich in Folates – Joymix’s red beetroot powder is rich in folates that are necessary for production and differentiation of cells as well as maintenance of DNA structure. The high folate content makes it a great option for infants, teenagers, and pregnant women alike.

Help Lower Blood Pressure – Betaine in beetroots reduces blood pressure by lowering homocysteine levels in the body. Joymix red beetroot powder contains high amounts of betaine that reduces the chances of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

May Prevent Cancer – The antioxidant betaine which is present in rich amounts in Joymix’s red beetroot powder has been found to protect the body against different types of cancer. It protects DNA structure in cells against damage, which is a primary cause of cancer.

Improves Digestive Health – Beetroot improves digestive health by stimulating the production of enzymes and HCL in the stomach. It also aids in the absorption of specific vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

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Excellent for Weight Management – Joymix red beetroot powder is excellent for individuals who are focused on weight management as it contains low calories while being nutritionally dense. 


Joymix Red Beetroot Concentrated Powder – Nutrition Facts

Joymix red beetroot power is rich in nutrients while being low in calories. Each serving of 6g packs just 4.5KJ of energy which is a little more than one calorie (1 Calorie = 4.184KJ). It is low in carbs and fats as well making it suitable for people who like to be in charge of their health.

The Joymix beetroot powder contains good amounts of Vitamin A and C and has vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin) in small quantities. Vitamins are important for keeping muscles and tissues in the body healthy, reducing inflammation and promoting immunity. 

It also has various minerals including calcium that promotes bone health, sodium and kalium (potassium) which help in balancing electrolytes and retaining water and magnesium which assists the body in fighting against various diseases. 

Joymix red beetroot concentrated powder is a great health drink that can substitute other electrolyte sports drinks containing high amounts of sugar.

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Super Food For Runners

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Thallasemia runner. Less tired after taking Joymix Beetroot Juice powder
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